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BloomTech Sketch App

20 minutes per day
Beginner friendly
Use Java to create an end-to-end application that allows you to draw and paint on a canvas.
Gradiant with colors of Bloom Tech

What you'll learn

  • Programming Fundamentals

    Learn the basics of programming from the ground up

  • Object Oriented Programming with Java

    Familiarize yourself with Java, one of the most popular and robust languages for professional application development

  • Data and Control Structures

    Learn to work with data and control program flow with logic structures

Course projects

  • Build a Starburst Pattern with Methods

    Illustration of a starburst pattern in a drawing app
    Reference the user's mouse position on the screen and use it to create an interactive starburst pattern.You'll build this on Day 2!
  • Build a Drawing Pen with Variables

    Illustration of a drawing pen making a line in a drawing app
    Store mouse data using Variables in order to create a pen tool for your sketchpadYou'll build this on Day 3!
  • Beautifying the Background with Loops

    Illustration of a drawing app with background containing colors and shapes
    See how you can save effort when creating programs using the DRY principle – "Don't Repeat Yourself"You'll build this on Day 5!

About this course

  • About the teacher

    Brian, the teacher for this course looks excited to help you dive into learning Java!
    Brian is the curriculum lead for the backend program at BloomTech where he crafts new projects, learning opportunities, and also provides live instruction to learners on their path to a new career.
  • About BloomTech

    Bloom tech logo with gradiant background
    BloomTech provides a direct path to a great tech job through flexible, online courses taught by expert instructors. Get trained in Backend Development, Full Stack Web Development or Data Science—then get career support until you land a job.

Course preview

Learn how to draw shapes and color on the screen using Methods.
35 mins