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Time Remainingdue 1 year ago

Create a stripe gated page

Posted 1 year ago

Bounty Description

Problem Description:
I want a simple website that is "gated' by a stripe paywall. You can see a preview of the page, but most of the content is hidden until the user pays some amount. After payment, the user is able to see the full page. Bind the user to a replit login.
Acceptance Criteria:
Web based - vanilla JS. No React/Vue/Svelte etc.
Guest view: see a preview version of the page with a Stripe purchase block.
Payed view: login with Replit, validate purchase from Stripe, store that in Replit database. Then logged in user can view the full content.
User get's email with validation link to content.

Guest view -> checkout page (stripe) -> email validation -> login with Replit -> see purchased page.