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Time Remainingdue 1 year ago

GPT-3 bot to reply to Tweet-length inputs from a stock set of responses

Posted 1 year ago
This Bounty has been completed!

Bounty Description

Problem Description:
I'd like to run a bot that takes any text string of 280 characters or less, and provides as a response the most appropriate element of a database of pre-approved text responses from a Google Sheet. For example, it could respond with lyrics from Radiohead. See this tweet:

Acceptance Criteria:
I want to see an API that takes as an input this text string, and provides back the most appropriate item in a list of other pre-set text strings (e.g., Radiohead lyrics) in the form of a Google Sheet. The creator can make their own sample pre-set data set if they like, to illustrate how it works. I'd also like to understand how the creator used GPT-3. (This may require embeddings or some other fine tuning.)