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    Meme Creator: Person of the Year & Sexiest Person of the Year Magazine Covers

    Posted 1 year ago

    Bounty Description

    Problem Description

    The "Person of the Year" & "Sexiest Person of the Year" Magazine Covers are entertaining. Wouldn't it be awesome if anyone could create one with their own images and share a parody version of them easily. Do you have the technical + design thoughtfulness to make this fun and easy to use?

    We're looking for someone to create a mini-app for people to do just that, with Mash monetization/freebies built in, an easy way to download and share them on social media.

    Acceptance Criteria

    1. Create a mini-web-app that allows users to create a Fake "Times Person of the Year' and "Sexiest Person of the Year" meme. They'll start by selecting which "option" they want and then the canvas/editable items will adjust accordingly.

    2. Sexiest person of the year creator

    • Look and appearance should be something like the Idris Elba version (2018 #5) or another agreed one that is easy to build from.
    • The header with "people" should say "Peoples" or something slightly different and be a full banner that is separate the image (to make it easier for users with images).
    • The user should be able to upload an image that should be adjustable to fill the space below the header. e.g., adjust by dragging corners.
    • The text "sexiest man alive" will be possible to change between women/man, and the font colour will have options to account for user background (or be on a background square to ensure appropriate contrast
    • The Year will be adjustable.
    1. Times person of the year creator
    • Similar, but less functionality e.g., just upload image, change year, small paragraph text input
    • Image croppable by expanding it to be larger than the canvas available
    1. Mash:
    • There will be a watermark on it at all times to handle screen grabs
    • For both options a user will be able to download a watermarked version with + the domain on it – no login required
    • A user can create a mash account and get 1 free premium version creation / download per month with the watermark removed – upon a click the watermark will be removed
    • For a small fee, $0.10 as setup in the mash monetization setup a user can download on in HQ and no watermark (after using up their 1 freebie in the bullet above)
    • Users will have a share to twitter, reddit button to help drive attention – this will be for all versions – so if "generate premium" version, that image will be shared, if not then the watermarked version would be.
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