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Earn 12,600 ($126.00)

Time Remainingdue 1 year ago

Create an AI Art Generator using Mash Monetization Tools (charge any amount with Bitcoin + Lightning)

Posted 1 year ago
This Bounty has been completed!

Bounty Description

Problem Description

Create an awesome AI art generator or similar fun tool of your choosing and layer in Mash Monetization (freebies, charge any amount per use). This should use a different AI Art tool than the stable diffusion example we've already created (link below) – or a completely new twist on it. You can remix something you've already built as well.

You can let your imagination run free, no restrictions. It'll be usable by you as well.

You can use the app and earn/monetize it yourself powered with Mash (so we are providing cycles for you to build a mini-app that you can monetize). We would be able to fork and use it as a demo experience separately. And it should be published in the community for anyone to remix.

Template Examples & Tutorials for Mash:

Acceptance Criteria

  • Must have Mash Monetization incorporated
  • Must be an interactive AI Art generator that is fun, looks professional that someone would use to make their daily life easier or more fun.
  • You can use the tool as you see fit, and would allow it to be linked to by Mash as a demo application example (in replit, and the relevant url published).