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Earn 4,500 ($45.00)

Time Remainingdue 12 months ago

Bug Hunt: Find the bug causing graphic issues/sprites in the our Dino run game

Posted 12 months ago

Bounty Description

Problem Description

We've created a repl showcasing the "dino run" game with two characters. The classic Dino and Santa. You can see the repl here:

We've noticed a bug/issue on M1 laptops where selecting the Santa Character causes "sprites" / graphic issues in the game. It occurs in both Safari and Chrome.

Acceptance Criteria

The bounty is for you to figure out what is causing this issue, fork the repl, and implement + highlight the fix needed to prevent this issue from happening. If the new forked repl works on my personal M1 2020 13 inch macbook pro and we can implement the fix on the main repl – the bounty is considered complete.

Note: Would recommend ensuring that you are working on a computer that has this bug, so that you can verify what is causing it, and implement + test a fix.