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Time Remainingdue 26 days ago

Scrape an API and set up own API

Posted 1 month ago
This Bounty has been completed!
@YoheiNakajima's review of @janzheng
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Communication 5/5, Quality 5/5, Timeliness 5/5
So great to work with you on this! Thank you for being super fast and helpful during the process :)

Bounty Description

Problem Description

We have 3d assets for PixelBeasts hosted on an API that we cannot afford to keep paying for. They have a paginated API that shows 50 results per page. I would like someone to write a script to scrape all of the thumbnails and/files/responses, and store them in a Repl and expose an API which we can refer to from our NFT metadata.

Here is the index URL:
Single example:
In json you can find file/thumbnail paths, eg:

Example of how we call the API from metadata:

Acceptance Criteria

The result should be a Repl hosting all the thumbnails and 3d files with an API to call the URL. We run the token metadata from a Repl, so integrating there might make more sense, but not necessarily required. Bounty is complete when I am the owner of the Repl with an exposed API with an fbx, vrm, and thumbnail endpoint for all 10k PixelBeasts.