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    Build A Web App Version Of My OpenAI-Integrated Google Sheet

    Posted 1 year ago
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    Bounty Description

    Problem Description

    I have an OpenAI-integrated content writing tool that produces content into a Google Sheet.

    I would like this converted into a Freemium Web App where someone might get 5-10 content pieces for free then they have to pay to get more.

    Needs to be gated via email, then connected into my Stripe account for payment.

    The user should be able to select different options and input their own data which changes the prompts that get sent through the API connection.

    Needs to look beautiful.

    I need to be able to edit and refine the prompts myself.

    Acceptance Criteria

    Experience making similar OpenAI-integrated tools/web apps

    Technical Details

    Timelines / Milestones

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