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Time Remainingdue 12 months ago

Add coins and levels to a game

Posted 1 year ago
This Bounty has been completed!
@CoderGautamYT's review of @IcemasterEric
Average Rating
Communication 5/5, Quality 3/5, Timeliness 4/5
Great, responsive hunter. Wasn't able to completely finish as per my expectations, but satisfied overall.

Bounty Description

Hello! I want coins and levels to be added to my game I have prepared a document which you all should read before applying;

(updated document)

I know it looks super long but I would say a fairly-experienced coder can finish this in a couple of hours

I can help with coding too! Ask me if you have ANY questions, I am happy to answer, and help you, including coding some parts of the bounty.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. Clean code
  2. Meets all the requirements in the document
  3. Everything works without lag / glitches (yes I will be testing)

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be accepted for this, you have to be experienced with JS/TS (I will check your Replit profile)

Email me: [email protected]
Discord (preferred): gautam#1081