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Time Remainingdue 1 year ago

Pipeline that summarizes longform conversations in preparation for creating LinkedIn posts

Posted 1 year ago
This Bounty has been completed!
@ChristianUlstru's review of @--smallguy89--
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Communication 5/5, Quality 5/5, Timeliness 5/5
Great experience, highly recommend! Was more than willing to entertain creative solutions to tech problems that weren't anticipated in the bounty description as well.

Bounty Description

Problem Description

I’m an independent consultant who conducts live workshop pilots with other independent consultants, at least once per week. We use this time which we call a “writers workshop“ to test and improve our ideas that we would like to share with clients in the broader public. Our conversations are recorded via Google meet, which generates a transcript in a Google dock, the conversations are about two hours long and there are tens of thousands of words in the transcripts

I would like to be able to copy and paste the transcript into a text box and have a pipe line use the open AIGPT3 API endpoint to generate output that can help me craft a 500 word or less LinkedIn post that captures the best parts of the conversation and packages them into some thing I can publish.

Here’s what I would like to get from the analysis:

  • a list of bullet points of the most interesting, insightful and novel, takeaways from the conversation, along with quotes from the transcript that go along with those takeaways
  • A score from 0 to 100% of how creative or new the concepts discussed in the conversation were versus what’s already been captured and digitized in the corpus of human knowledge, perhaps versus what’s in the GPT knowledge base as a benchmark
  • A list of critical questions that an astute listener might ask us in order to challenge our premises and get us to think critically and more clearly about the topics that we’re discussing
  • 3 possible drafts of LinkedIn posts of 500 words or less that communicate highly differentiated combinations of the key takeaways and insights extracted from the conversation

Acceptance Criteria

Given that I am an indie consultant who records weekly longform conversations with other consultants to workshop our ideas when I copy and paste the transcript of one of these conversations into a text input and run the Repl then I would like to receive an output that highlights key concepts discussed which I can use to craft an outline for opposed to manually and flesh out by hand, a creativity score that helps me gauge overall how novel the ideas discussed were, a list of critical thinking questions that I can use to think more clearly about what we discussed, and some possible LinkedIn posts that synthesize the topics discussed into post drafts of 500 words or less

Technical Details

This would be an extension of a replica from a previous bounty. That’s simply took the transcript as input and chunked it into pieces that could be fed individually to the open AI,GPT 3 api end point without exceeding the token limit.

I have an open AI account that I can put into the Repl secrets