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Created on Oct 23, 2019
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HuzaifaSiddiqu13 days ago

you could add <link rel="icon" src="replit_icon"> in the head of the html

fundonkey00004 days ago


declanpaulin1 month ago


declanpaulin1 month ago


declanpaulin1 month ago


RanGuo1 month ago

This is awesome!

anakin0072 months ago

Are we getting a working link any time soon? Thanks.

joan0fsnark2 months ago

On this page:, in the first sentence "⚠️ Note: The .env file is deprecated in favour of our new UI for setting environment variables." -- the link doesn't work. I'm having issues with secret keys and this doc would be really helpful. :)

jnrchewie2 months ago

one of the shortcuts no longer work

ridhishetty2 months ago

jessy123bnr is my friend but he is dead😥

OIioj8d9u12 months ago

Amog us

LolEgg3 months ago


PawanSagar3 months ago


Johnathan21913 months ago


ay1364164 months ago

there's nothing it says i need to hep fix it by commenting

QuantumCodes4 months ago

I commented using the repl in repl.. 1234 runs now lol

luanon4045 months ago

how can i edit value using os python?

6 months ago
damado6 months ago

love it but i need more apps

6 months ago

does it mater what the host and port is set to?



GL1CH3D7 months ago

Also think it’s cool

yooperhunter88 months ago

lol i am doing this from the repl XD

HackermonDev8 months ago