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Tweets around the world

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Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • #twitter
  • #streaming
  • #globe
  • #geolocation

A demo app that shows how to make a Twitter API request using a Bearer Token with the TypeScript SDK.

It uses the sample stream endpoint to listen for new Tweets in real-time, and plots them on a virtual globe based on location information. You can explore where Tweets are being posted right now!

The sample stream endpoint provides around 1% of Tweets posted in real-time. Not everyone on Twitter adds geo location information to their Tweets, so this demo is only able to show Tweets that do have that data included.

Note - you will need to have a Twitter Developer Account. Sign up for free!

Note - if no blue pins show up after a few moments, you might need to fork the repl and add your own Twitter API bearer token to get the Tweets flowing.

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