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If I ever have an identity that sticks for more than five minutes I'll put it here.
  • Steam Price Tracker

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    Made with Python

    Flask/Python based app that will allow you to scrape Steam prices and will send you an email if the price changes.

    Has the following features:

    • Login system with hashed and salted passwords stored securely in the Replit database
    • Password recovery system with email confirmation and token generation/verification
    • CSRF protection to keep user data safe
    • Ability to add games to a price tracking list and set a price target
    • Email notifications when prices hit the target or when games go on sale
    • Admin panel for viewing user information and deleting users
    • Background scheduler to update prices and purge old tokens
    • Supports both individual games and bundles, as well as games that aren't currently for sale
    • Logging System to keep track of various changes
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