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  • Flappy Bird

    Cover page
    Made with Pygame

    A recreation of the iconic Flappy Bird game!

    Yes, I know this game is cringe but it's the best I could do so just enjoy it!

    Made with PyGame Zero.


    Mobile: tap to fly higher

    Laptop: click to fly higher

    Make sure to comment on what your highest score is!

    Update log:

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  • Pokemon Legends Celebi: Legacies edition

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Explore the Orthea region's vast areas and catch pokemon to befriend. Your journey to catch Celebi is just getting started in this brand new pokemon adventure! (Based off of Pokemon Legends Arceus and all pokemon RPG games.)

    This game was made by Imeanbusiness and me, MAX_FTW!

    LEGACIES EDITION Includes special content, like a new DLC world! This DLC would originally be obtained after getting a special DLC code, but this game has the full DLC package!

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