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awesome coder

I am a python coder who has learned block based Java Script
  • Snake Game! Turtle Style!

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    This is a snake game made with turtle. The snake is able to go over itself. Again, It will not die by touching itself! The way it does die is by hitting the sides of the "arena". Sometimes, it mystyriously bounces backwards. Please Fork and share the link to this project's comments if there is something you have done that I could use...

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  • draw freely!

    Cover page
    Made with Python
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    2 years ago

    by the way you need to fork this to see the console for typing the commands in

    2 years ago

    now if you can't read the python then here are the commands:




    1(20)=20 degrees to the right

    1(50)=50 degrees to the right

    2(20)=20 degrees to the left

    2(50)=50 degrees to the left

    3(100)=100 pixels forward

    p(u)=pen up

    p(d)=pen down

    p(r)=pen color red

    p(o)=pen color orange

    p(y)=pen color yellow

    p(g)=pen color green

    p(bl)=pen color blue

    p(p)=pen color purple

    p(b)=pen color black

    p(w)=pen color white

    b(r)=background color red

    b(o)=background color orange

    b(y)=background color yellow

    b(g)=background color green

    b(bl)=background color blue

    b(p)=background color purple

    b(b)=background color black

    b(w)=background color white

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