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Stendra Sales

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Stendra Sales

0 million , up from a net loss of 6.
Petros s performance during the first quarter of 2021 significantly outpaced the same period from 2020, a pre-COVID comparator that provides us reason for optimism going into the rest of 2021 after a significant sector-wide downturn during the majority of 2020.
2 million of net sales from Prescription Medicines and net sales of 0.
The Company generated net income for the current fiscal quarter versus a net loss for the comparable year ago period.
1 million at December 31, 2020.
6 million in the year-ago period.
5 in the first quarter of 2021.
5 million in the first quarter of 2021 versus a loss of 4.
The 19 decrease in selling, general and administrative expenses in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the year-ago period were primarily driven by lower payroll expenses and direct marketing expenses as management sought to optimize spend and reduce expenses

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