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I love football and coding
  • 🧊 Ice Cube Smash #game

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    Oh no, it's raining ice cubes! Stay alive on your floating island for as long as you can.​

    🧊 Instructions

    • ​[WASD], [arrow keys] or [joystick] to move your player
    • don't get smashed by ice cubes
    • avoid spikes and don't jump off

    ​⚡Goal: Stay alive for as long as you can!

    While playing, your score constantly increases. ​However, the game will get harder and harder! ​After playing, you can save your score on the cloud leaderboard.

    🪙 Upgrades: Buy skins a​nd boosts ​- collect coins

    • coin bombs 💣 will drop 10 extra coins when collected
    • use coins to buy fancy skins and powerups

    💡 Pro tip: Always jump upon the highest reachable ice cube Enable Extreme Mode for an extra challenge!

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