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Shashank Sharma

Python Developer and Machine Learning enthusiast.
Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • higher-lower-start

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    Made with Python

    A higher lower cricket game, where the user have to guess whether the international runs of player A is higher or lower than that of player B, and score is incremented with each correct guess. The game ends with an incorrect guess from the user, showing his/ her final score. This game is iterable i.e. can be played over and over again with user's demand. The game data consists of male and female player's name, international runs, international wickets, age, country. There are total 50 men players and 40 women players (5 from each country). The data is extracted from web using chatgpt. Kindly suggest any useful changes. Thank you, Shashank Sharma.

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    3 months ago

    Added High Score describing winner's name, score, date.

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