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"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein
  • DairyFarmProject.exe

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    Made with HTML, CSS, JS
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    3 years ago


  • robowolf

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    Made with Python

    Check the readme (a cool proxy)

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    2 years ago

    BTW - This is not a repost- i made significant changes (added a front-end and save)

    TranslatΣ VPN

    The Next Evolution of Undetectable Proxies

    What is TranslatΣ?

    TranslatΣ VPN is a proxy that uses Google Translate to bypass many things such as filters, paywalls, and block ads

    Why is it different then most other "Unblockers" on repl?

    Although other unblockers still work really well they usually run in vms which are a bit slow. This provides you a url that you can open in your own browser.

    What can I do with this "VPN"?

    First and foremost TranslatΣ gets past almost all filters

    This VPN also masks your ISP as a Google Proxy and changes your IP address.


    Want to read an article but a pesky /signup to read popup shows up? No more with TranslatΣ.

    Before TranslatΣ:


    After TranslatΣ:


    Quick Disclaimer - DO NOT MISUSE THIS. This tool is not meant to undermine the value of these subscriptions. If it isn't a one off thing and you truly enjoy these services please subscribe to these news providers.

    Want to get rid of those pesky ads? Well, to an extent, TranslatΣ takes care of that too.

    Before TranslatΣ:


    After TranslatΣ:


    That's cool and all but how do I use TranslatΣ VPN?

    Thanks for asking. Here's a step by step process showing you how to get started.

    Step 1 - Login With Replit:

        Click the "Login With Replit" button and then click Authorize on the popup


    Step 2 - Go to Proxy Conversion:

        Click the "Go to proxy conversion" link.


    You should be redirected to a page that looks like this.


    Mode 1 allows for full urls (ex.

    P.S Sometimes, especially on chrome, you'll have to go to the url bar and click enter after clicking the link provided.

    Mode 2 allows for DNS names (ex. or

    To view saved urls guide yourself to


    That's it for now. Expect more safety features soon. If you liked this project please spread the word. This can help a lot of people who need free proxies such as this one.

    > Enjoy, Robowolf

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