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Eater of wood, creator of things. Simple projects made by a simple life.
  • Runescape Classic Launcher

    Cover page
    Made with Blank Repl

    Runescape Classic launcher for by ofk

    I recommend forking this project, as the cursor sometimes disappears on different types of browsers or OS's on the main viewing page (Especially ChromeOS).

    Runescape Classic Launcher includes:

    • Startup install script
    • Launcher script

    Instructions for use: Run repl and wait for an output.

    Credit goes to: All of the people who made openrsc:

    Oracle for Java 11:

    Original project by ofk:

    Recent comments (2)
    3 months ago

    After some research, I found a much better alternative to the Debian installer! I have now cut install time IN HALF! Now you can enjoy Runescape Classic at double the speed (not to mention, no more forking to speed up startup time!). Expect more updates and new projects using this process more often.

    Have fun! - ofk

    4 months ago

    Added/changed the following:

    • Updated and fixed all past problems
    • Fixed not running properly
    • Removed useless files
    • Decreased overall size
    • Changed install UI
    • Changed install instructions
    • Installs are now manual due to permission levels

    Have fun! - ofk

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