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Romancero gitano by by Federico García Lorca , Antonio A. Gómez Yebra , Raquel Lagartos

Federico García Lorca
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

Abandoned and lonely, a big old brown dog goes on a quest to find a friend and a safe home. He follows his nose through the wild woods and meadowlands, and meets lots of interesting creatures on his way. But none of them have a safe place for him to stay, and none of them know his name. What will this big old brown dog do? At Ruthie's farmhouse on the Wilderness Sanctuary, there's a home waiting for him. But will the dog be able to find his way there? And if he does, will Ruthie be able to learn his name? This sweet story teaches children about the power of friendship, and how lonely and abandoned animals can find new homes thanks to the important work of animal rescues and wilderness sanctuaries.

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