Published on Nov 23, 2021Made with Nix (beta)

This is a functional Commodore 64 development environment with demonstration C and ASM programs. A Makefile is provided and the VICE emulator is used to run the system for testing.

How to Run Programs

Once VICE loads, at the BASIC prompt:

Once the program loads, you can type:

to run the program.

To load the C program, replace the first LOAD with this:

Writing BASIC

You can also type your BASIC programs directly into the emulator, for example:

Hit the Escape key to stop the program running.

Save & Load (requires fork!)

Once you have written a BASIC program in the emulator, you may wantto save it.

The myprogs.d64 disk is loaded as drive 9 in the emulator for this purpose.

Let's take this BASIC program:

To save,

Once saved, you can load the program again after a restart:

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mattiselin2 weeks ago

Update! This is now available in template form here: https://replit.com/@mattiselin/Commodore-64?v=1 - including code intelligence for C code and some other cleanups.

gbraad2 weeks ago

Also have a look at the README.md as this offers a build toolchain to deal with asm and and cfiles that get compiled and inserted in a virtual disk.

You can load the programs with

LOAD "ASMPROG",8 or LOAD "CPROG",8 followed by RUN to start them...

... and all of this without


amasad2 weeks ago

My favorite program to run is the maze: 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 10.50.40 AM

p.s. don't forget to type RUN after you're done.