Portfolio Site Template

Portfolio Site Template
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Created on Apr 23, 2020
Last published on Apr 12, 2021
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SamiOsman5 months ago

Hey @lilykhan! Do I have permission to use this in my website?

MrCreativeKSA5 months ago

umm uh how to add links in projects section

Baconman3215 months ago

Nice! I took a similar approach for CLIp in which I had the logo and subtext in the center as well as a backdrop and a nav bar with links very similar to the ones you showed. I forget which repl I saw, but I remember seeing one similar to this which inspired me to make my CLIp layout the same. It could have been yours :)

6 months ago

Hi! I made a few edits in my version of your template as my Create Task. I am asking for permission to use, edit, and submit this as my create task. https://kennedys-poems--kennedyjackson1.repl.co/

SiddhantManze9 months ago