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  • Sir, this is a Wendy's

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    Made with Python- For a school project, in Programming Fundamentals. (How to beat the game below) ~~~ -Update Log - - Update 1.0 |Beta Release| - Update 2.0 |Full Release| - Update 2.2 |Bug Fixes and more secrets| ~~~ - How to beat the game: 1. Defeat the manager. 2. Enter the code, 'something' in the keypad. 3. Defeat Wendy. 4. Eat a big mac. (Ask for a big mac) 5. Find the knife. (Wait) 6. Grab the armour. (It's at your home) 7. Go through the employee's door. 8. Beat Death Wish Wendy, Last Fight Wendy, and Final Form Wendy. 9. Go to your home. 10. Watch Tv.
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    3 months ago
    Forked from @Coloredhue
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