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chacotic coder ⠕ ☻

hello there
  • Microsoft Edge (Beta Version)

    Cover page
    Made with Polygott

    this works for school computers and uses html5 java to work

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  • Ultimate Chrome v2.2

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Run a window of Google Chrome in! Complete with saving cookies & local storage. No setup is required.

    Please, please PLEASE don't use this to abuse or your school/workplace's filter! This is just a fun project I threw together with some neat features from selenium.

    This new version starts instantly, and saves/loads cookies & local storage far more reliably than v1. It's also a load faster! Start using it today!

    Join the Discord Server:

    HOW TO USE: Just hit run! It should start up super-fast!

    Cookies will automatically save every minute, or when you stop the repl.

    Next time, when you reload, it will restore all of your cookies.

    Wait until the program types "ready" into the google search bar before navigating away.

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    3 months ago

    added inspect fixes and faster speeds

    3 months ago


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