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  • remchat

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    Made with Node.js

    RemChat is an online browser-friendly UI-rich chatting application running on web.

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published an Update
1 year ago
Virtual Machine 2
Virtual Machine 2If the virtual machine env does not work use this backup server. Recommended stuff to use in this VM:
Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine Repl
Virtual Machine on Repl. Your Repl is always a VM, but you need to use a special tool to access it. Note: Download a file in Chromium, click on it, and boom! A Firefox window will appear. This is a simple exploit and you can also browse the code for this project in the virtual machine itself.
published an Update
1 year ago
Virtual Machines
Virtual machines are handy. This virtual machine has the minimum of RAM and runs just in a repl. I did not make this, Replit did. Replit has built-in support for a Linux ubuntu environment. I used this to get the result of this. Chrome. I launched Chrome to make sure the webview is enabled. Now you can do things with it, try right clicking the desktop! Find the toolbar!