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The Dino Game w/ Santa Christmas Extension & Monetization

Published on Mar 8, 2023
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Hi! We've remixed the Classic Chrome Dinosaur Game so that you can have some fun, and to showcase how you can monetize + get donations with Mash for all your casual games, tools, apps and more. This game is best enjoyed in fullscreen – and in either dinosaur mode (or Santa Christmas mode).

Mash is a suite of monetization tools for builders, developers, and creators. Our products help you monetize and earn more for the awesome stuff you've built. Accept donations with single-clicks, monetize your app based on usage, earn for your content, get paid for votes on features requests and more. Completely in your control, and customizable to fit your experience.

Try it out, share your feedback and let's enable a future where valuable apps and experiences are rewarded properly.

Mash is powered completely on Bitcoin 🧡 and the Lightning Network⚡, so that your money, content & experience is fully yours. And you can get support globally.

Learn more at

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