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Reilly Moore

It may be spaghetti, but it's *functional* spaghetti.
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4 years ago
Randomly Printing "True" Instead of Question
For reasons I can't quite work out, after answering a few questions, it'll print the text "True" instead of a question. However, it's still possible t
Trivia Game
On line 33, you set one of the questions to equal True: questions[question_num] = True This means that as the quiz continues, each question is set to True after it is answered. Did you mean to do? repeatcheck[questionnum] = True Please mark as the answer if this solved your problem :)4 years ago
hey! one point of error could be that you are not checking to see if a particular element in the questions array is equal to True before printing it. On line 33, you set a particular element in the array to True. You may want to use a different array to track completed questions, or, like I said you can test if the element value is True before printing it out to the user. :) If that is not the error, it may be that the bug is difficult to find because of the many global variables. You could re4 years ago