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eccentric J

  • Node Babashka ClojureScript (nbb)

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    Made with Node.js

    Uses the Node Babashka (nbb) runtime to run ClojureScript scripts, commands, tasks, and small apps with fast performance and no compilation or bundling required.

    Find docs at

    Most of ClojureScript is supported, but some parts are not. This platform is still young so if you find any inconsistencies please report them!

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    9 months ago

    Run ClojureScript instantly. Node Babashka provides a lightweight binary to interpret and run .cljs files, it is node powered and ClojureScript files may leverage almost any npm package available. It was created by Borkdude, the creator of Babashka, and does not require Java to run.

    Install yarn add nbb and point it to a cljs file:

    nbb my-file.cljs

    Even supports classpath args for bigger projects:

    nbb -cp src -m my-project.core/main
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3 months ago
Node Babashka Fetch Example
Node Babashka Fetch ExampleAn example of how to use the node 18+ native Fetch API with node-babashka and ClojureScript
published an Update
9 months ago
nbb-asciidoctor-examplenbb using asciidoctor
nbb with asciidoctor example
node-babashka (nbb) using asciidoctor to transform ascii text into html
published an Update
9 months ago
Babashka Clojure Template
Babashka Clojure TemplateInstalls babshka and clojure-lsp to provide a much faster clojure repl experience
Babashka Clojure Babashka is a lightning-fast runtime environment to run Clojure scripts. It is a static binary built with Graal VM that drastically cuts down startup time compared to Clojure running from the JVM. It's a great choice for scripts, lightweight apps, and automating tasks. The batteries are included with Babashka so check out the docs to learn what libraries that are included and ready to use. While most of Clojure is supported, not every library may work depending on what JVM APIs are required. The github links to which documents what libraries are known to work with babashka. Babashka was created by borkdude