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look at my YouTube channel DarkInfernoGamez. This is the main acc for @Kevin29.
  • Alchemy Legends

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Welcome to Alchemy Legends! Combine and discover over 213 different items! The current rarest item is the Infinity Armor. There are 3 items that contain combinations with more than 3 items:

    Infinity Gauntlet with 7 items Upgraded Infinity Gauntlet with 5 items Infinity Armor with 5 items

    New items and combinations are added frequently! If you are stuck, go in the comments and ask whatever item you need to get, and I will provide the answer. If you want to recommend an item for me to add, put it in the comments. I will respond. Special thanks to Hyperhacker

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    9 months ago

    Updates coming soon!

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