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I’m that guy.
  • [WORKING] 1 Block Command Block Minecart Creator

    Cover page
    Made with Python
    1. Run and Type New, press enter. 2. Put in a starting command (example: /say hi) and then press enter. 3. Copy the massive text it gives you then reload the page and run the project. 4. Type Add , press enter. 5. Paste that command you copied and then press enter. 6. Put in any command you want (example: /say hi2) and then press enter. 7. Copy that text it gives you and then if you want to add more commands just reload the page and click run and go to question 4. END: Go into Minecraft and do /give @s command_block inside of chat, inside of creative mode. Finally place the command block down and put that massive command it gave you and then put a button next to it. It will run your commands. Thank you.
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    2 years ago

    Please tell me any bugs, I am new to python and would like some advice. Also READ THE DESCRIPTION

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