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Sidd_ ⠕

Asleep by day, coder by night, a wild rhombicosidodecahedron at heart | 14 year old | Replit Rep Cohort 1 Alumni | she/he/they
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  • Which Bottle Type is Better?

    Cover page
    Made with Node.js

    Which one is better: Glass, Aluminium or Plastic?

    An HTML project with some CSS and JS, with JQuery and rough annotations. Made for a fun science class project, contains cool info and has some nice code templates to use in your projects: timelines, cards, tables, flex layouts, headings, and more!

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    1 year ago

    make sure that y'all know that the repl does not show very well in the default preview window

    1 year ago

    look you can read the readme 👀

  • Mastodon

    Cover page
    Made with Nix

    A one-click runable instance of Mastodon. Simply fork, read the (user friendly) README and enjoy your new Mastodon!

    May require boosting. Recommended boosting is 8x, provided by Replit Hacker plans. Always on is also recommended :)

    Recent comments (1)
    9 months ago

    I'm so freaking happy you were able to get this up and running. Can't wait to see all the little Fediverse flowers blooming from this.

  • Friction and Computer Fans

    Cover page
    Made with Next.js + TailwindCSS

    A science project built with Scrollmagic, GSAP, Nextjs and Tailwind.

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