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decent programmer (I used to have the Hacker plan, so only like two out of the 30 unnamed repls I have are public)
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    Cover page
    Made with Bash

    A game made for the replcon hackathon.

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    9 months ago

    the speed is too fast

    2 years ago

    wOW im bad at this, nice game

    2 years ago

    +1 cool but the game is too hard

    2 years ago


    2 years ago

    Make sure you open the website and download the PWA lol, also you can view the trailer here

    2 years ago


    A game #madewithreplit.

    This is it. I pushed kaboom.js to is absolute limit to create this beast of a kaboom game.

    How to download? You can view a demo at, or get it from GitHub.

    Installing Guide (go to the bottom to skip)

    If you are installing from GitHub, run these commands in your code editor:

    npm i
    npm start

    It should start up a server at port 3000. Just type in localhost:3000 in your browser (chrome recommended) then, and you can play!

    Or you could just host on replit lol


    • Support for custom songs with json (submit some to be whitelisted if you made some here)
    • Uses Kaboom.js
    • PWA
    • Three main levels (mapped by me!)
    • INFINITE LEVELS (the community can make levels)
    • Score system (300 if it's a perfect cut, 100 for good, 50 as a bad cut, and 0 if you miss)
    • Personal Best
    • No bugs (on PC)
    • A ton of other features!

    Coming soon to the game:

    • Leaderboards
    • Mapping Extensions (special effects, stuff like that)

    The game takes whatever json file you throw into the /game/play/level folder, and you can play that! A typical level looks like this:

    "levelname": "Test Level",
    "song": "music/testsong.mp3",
    "background": "backgrounds/testbackground.png",
    "duration": "5000",
    "levelspeed": 1000,
    "DataD": [3000, 3100, 3500],
    "DataF": [3300],
    "DataJ": [3400],
    "DataK": [3500]
    In levels, I'm using HTTPS on a different domain to improve speeds. Songs can be from anything that has sound, including files like .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .ogg, .webm, anything that has audio pretty much! The same goes for backgrounds, and can have pretty much every single image type. (except video) You also don't need to add a background, and can just delete it from your level file.

    The numbers shown in the data for each of the lanes make a bloq, or beat happen at that millisencond. So the first block here would appear in 3000 milliseconds, or 3 seconds from the game being loaded in.

    The level would look a bit something like this: (I had to change some values to screenshot it in time)

    Blocks coming at me with immense speeds

    That would load a level named Test Level, with the song file "music/testsong.mp3", create 3 bloqs for the D lane at y 3000, 3100 and 3500, create a bloq in the F lane at y 3300, a bloq in the J lane at y 3400, and the K lane would also have a bloq at y 3500.

    How does it load? It uses URL Parameters which grab the level json file and compile it into a JS Object. Then, the game grabs the level name, song and loads them in, changing the text, etc. Then the game checks every single value for each lane, loading each one in. The game checks the duration, and has the game lasts for that time.


    Day 1

    Not much. I work on the UI and create the homescreen.

    Day 2

    Also not much. I work on the UI some more and create the rest of the game. I also set up the GitHub.

    Day 3

    I begin to work on the actual game and created lanes, which I would then delete a few days later. I also created the health bar, but it didn't do anything yet. At the end of the day, I made simple bloqs.

    Day 4

    I made health, and began working on a bloq from list for the D lane. I also added health. And missed blocks.

    Day 5

    I finished the bloq from list for the D lane and started to port it to the other lanes. Also fixed missed blocks (which were breaking the game) and created a score system.

    Day 6

    Oh boy. I made the code that made web request and fetches json files, parses them, and compiles them. Made TWO MAPS, made new scoring system with 300 points, 100 points, and 50 points by how accurate you were. Also made the submission page.

    Day 7

    Aaaaaa! I gotta code fast to make the final level, the rest of the stuff, and some more.

    Day 7.5

    Based by my timezone I had this extra hour that I used to make the video, submit and write this all. And also I'm on the last minute right now, sooo bye!


    Thanks for playing, and I really hope you enjoy the game! If you see any bugs, contact me!

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