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carl noble

60 yrs programming 25 languages.
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3 years ago
Setting up multiple student accounts in a Classroom
Students in our district are not allowed to use their email to sign up. MIT's Scratch handles this perfectly. Teacher can submit a CSV sheet with us
I had a similar problem, but I searched the Internet and found everything. I also recently came across a great post on The Mercury News, as a student, it was helpful for me to read about different educational resources. They can help you write an article or a report using the ideal type of topic and style of writing and also can help you revise your work before submitting it for final submission.5 months ago
You could create 1 or a few Replit accounts for you to supervise, give the students the login information and have them each create a new replit file with their name so you all will know who's replit belongs to who. I wouldn't recommend using this method as a test taking procedure as students would be able to freely access each others replit, but for activities it could be beneficial.2 years ago