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Download The Cupcake Cottage: A Fake Relationship Hockey Rom

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The Cupcake Cottage: A Fake Relationship Hockey Romance by by Jean Oram

Jean Oram
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

A town bully is murdered. More than 30 people see the killing. And then it gets really bad! Ken Plough was the scourge of tiny Oletha, Iowa for decades. He stole livestock, robbed houses and violated scores of women, then bullied and terrorized the townspeople into silence about his crimes. One day the dam breaks. In an explosion of violence, Plough is gunned down outside a local watering hole. The killing is witnessed by more than 30 people, but no one admits to seeing or knowing anything. Special Agents Eileen Prado and Ira Fisher arrive in Oletha and are greeted by a hostile citizenry and absolute silence. But this is only the beginning of what graduates into the most chilling three weeks of their careers. Although fiction, Wretched is based on true crimes that provide the fo

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