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Fighting Chance by by Joshlyn Nicole

Joshlyn Nicole
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

In I OWN THIS TOWN: THE MAYOR BERT XANADU XANTHOLOGY, Mayor Xanadu, Toronto's foremost movie showman and sole mayor, presents a sexily official selection from the thousands of municipal missives he issued to his citizens in 1973 (through his state-of-the-art Telex machine, the Thought Lathe), the year some call his most triumphantly expressive and non-linear. From the preface by TV Star of Note and Former Voice of Doom Lorne Greene, through such chapters as 'That's A Lovely Rotunda You Have There', and 'Does Toronto Exist? And If So, Why?', you'll find the reasons why some are saying it's as if Groucho Marx had a Twitter feed. And so on and so forth. The slim volume, which reminds one of Bert's own slimness circa 1933, also includes several readable essays and typewritten thoughts from the Dominion's own B

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