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BROTHERS by by Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

God's desire is that everyone should be saved...including Cameron Jamieson. A tenth generation descendant of a royal African Tribe and the Jamieson's leading genealogy sleuth, Cameron is accustomed to being the brains of a close-knit family. He's multi-degreed from MIT in Boston, jaw-dropping fine, and financially secure. In his mind, Cameron's got it all. When he meets the beautiful Gabrielle Dupree, her humble disposition and love for God reveals Cameron's spiritual deficit. Every philosophical argument he throws her way, Gabrielle confronts with the truth of God's Word, making him question his intellect. One by one, Cameron witnesses the men in his family submit to repentance and righteous living. He is absolutely determined not to go down without a fight. Gabrielle is a romantic at heart and she's even secretly created a list

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