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A Theater for Dreamers by by Polly Samson

Polly Samson
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

"I cannot recall what it means to be human. What emotions sculpt me as a meaningful entity [...] It was across that gray slate, years began blurring, scars began widening, and my defiance neared conformity." They wanted control, utter power over the masses. Humanity intoxicated by the means of glorification, algorithms sprouted from their bare skulls, the replacements for their narrow hair follicles until they were propelled into the Machine. Identity stolen, cast into deterioration. The term "society" a foreign echo amongst the million, reverberating in the hollowness that was once existence. In this dystopian tale, described by detailed works of poetry and prose, is totalitarianism's consumption of EGO and the rediscovering of it.

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