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I make stuff with python, html, css, C#, JS, and am learning more. I make websites, apps, etc. Enjoy!
  • Probablychat

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    Made with Python

    PLEASE use this in a separate tab. Site is redirected to from While using this, please allow answer sharing. It's fully anonymous, and helps out a TON. Hopefully, if you turn this on, soon all the things the bot had no answer for, will! This is my basic chatbot that I spent FOREVER making. It's NOT finished, and in early beta, and the base level one is still really early in development and pre-programmed with responses. I am working on a new one with actual AI, but this is restricted for anyone but me to use :)

    Code is available to look at

    I have a LOT of unfinished code right now.

    Without further ado, Enjoy!

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