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Just a nerd who likes programming, chess, and math, or to sum it up, solving problems.
  • Communism Clicker

    Cover page
    Made with HTML, CSS, JS

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a communist.

    This is a game where you, an ironically entrepreneurial communist, goes and sets out to make the biggest potato industry in Lenin-Time. Good luck!


    • Includes a built in autosave feature and a manual saving feature
    • statistics to see what your PPC is, your PPS, rebirths, and more!
    • has upgrades in order to advance your communist business
    • rebirth to double all potatoes
    • a reset feature, to surrender your communist business and make a new one
    • a button on how to play the game
    • Mr. Beast
    • and more to come in the future!

    If spot any bugs or want and features in the next update, please contact me in the comments!

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    6 months ago

    For those of you playing the game, I am here to take all constructive criticism and tell me what I should put in the future updates.

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