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Base58 is building bitcoin education
  • Bitcoin Deep Dive: Intro to Protocols

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    We learn how to write a protocol to tell our friend how many fruits to buy at the market.

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  • Base58 bitcoind: Setup a Signet Node Tutorial

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Run bitcoind pointing at the Base58 signet, setup a wallet, and send yourself some coins!

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  • Base58-A-Tour-Of-Core-Lightning

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Fork this Repl to learn about running and contributing to Core Lightning! Follow along as we learn to:

    1. Set up a CLN regtesting environment. We'll make 3 lightning nodes with a shared bitcoind backend.
    2. Explore the plugin architecture and plug a couple more processes in for additional functionality.
    3. Connect your CLN nodes, fund them in a regtesting environment, and open one way channels.
    4. Create and pay bolt11 invoices from the command line.
    5. Perform a collaborative channel open with liquidity ads to dual-fund a balanced channel.

    Core Lightning (CLN) is a lightweight, highly customizable and standard compliant implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network protocol.

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