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A Better Son by by Keith Willis , Amanda Zeiser (Photographer)

Keith Willis
Available Format: EPUB, PDF, FB2, TXT.

Inspired by the spellbinding adventures of female Civil War spies, a sweeping epic of women whose courage and resilience helped turn the tide of war. March 1863. As the Civil War rages on, Union spy Hattie Logan makes a harrowing escape from Libby Prison. Now she's determined to track down double agent Luke Blackstone and make him pay for betraying her and the man she loves. Her desire for vengeance takes her to Tennessee, where she teams up with fiery, unpredictable Pauline Carlton, an actress turned spy. With the help of a Nashville prostitute, Hattie uncovers a treacherous plot involving Blackstone and one of the South's meanest guerrilla fighters. But John Elliott, the handsome soldier who oversees her spying, doesn't believe her. Only when Pauline is captured and Hattie defies him

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