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Anirban Chatterjee

Replit Rep
I love python, linux and machine learning.
Kharagpur, India
  • YouTube in the console

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Experience YouTube (and Twitch) in the console. Fullscreen for best experience. Fork for audio & custom MP4s. If you are not satisfied with the image quality and frame rate, then click Show files and then click on the video (you can also download it if you want).


    • Space/K (Pause/Play)
    • Left arrow (Rewind)
    • Right arrow (Skip Ahead)
    • R key (Restart)
    • + key (Increase volume)
    • - key (Decrease volume)

    Thanks to @PikachuB2005, @amasad, @TechPandaPro, @ClaytonTDM, @IroncladDev, @soren, @SuperGamer1, @MattDESTROYER, @Shelbycompanyyyy, @obaidaa, @inkRepl and @jjroley for the tips!

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  • 90s chat

    Cover page
    Made with Node.js

    this tells you if you are old enough or tells the future about what we did back then that was cool!

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  • AI Image Generate (Stable Diffusion)

    Cover page
    Made with ReactJS

    Ask the AI to make something for you.

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