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Albert Lu

  • Final Model

    Cover page
    Made with Pygamethe cake is a lie please read (pls) credits is in feel free to look through all of the other files ( is just a backup in case everything passes away) you don't need to see the console, the print statements are just for debugging Rules: 1. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING UNLESS YOU FORK IT 2. see #1 3. see #2
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  • The Ukraine Relief Game - Hack for Good Project

    Cover page
    Made with PygameYou will need to fork this repl in order to see console. In this game, you will help people in need as a red cross intern. Once you have helped enough people, you will deliver them to a refugee camp in Lviv for access into the Poland Border. The path will be very hard and dangerous. This was for the Hack for Good Hackathon.
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    5 months ago

    You must fork the game to access the console

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