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Created on Aug 3, 2021
Last published on Sep 28, 2021
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Tetemondo7 hours ago

The big demon is the boss, if you beat him you get the vile.

Tetemondo7 hours ago

once you collect the yellow vile you win the game @ColinKirsch, you have to beat all the levels though. LOL

DipaliKadam10 hours ago

Nice game!

MarkMarky1 day ago

The loading takes so long.

ColinKirsch1 day ago

what do the yellow vials do? i dont know. ive seen them in the code and i want to know. i gavent seen them in the game. i cant get past big demon. not like ive tryed any way.

ColinKirsch1 day ago

also how much storage does this take?

ColinKirsch1 day ago

hard to load when stuff is like laggy

DarshMishra12 days ago

also, @aMoniker Make a way to ressurect back to the level we have been in, i go to level 2 for example, give me an option next time to respawn there'

DarshMishra12 days ago

Make an option once you die to change your character or go to home screen @aMoniker

HaroonKhan132 days ago

nice game

IamMauricio2 days ago

Amazing game!!! ;D

BRIANCALLE2 days ago

got stuck in the wall lol

SophiaPeregrine2 days ago

how do you play?

AlexBiak3 days ago

the screen is blackkk

NoahThio3 days ago


BrooklynREHU3 days ago

its dumb

BrooklynREHU3 days ago

its kind of alright

Dheeraj12343 days ago

this is sick

AstroCat20195 days ago

Whoops, wrong link

tebo8995 days ago

overall tho its a good game

tebo8995 days ago

it gets unresponsive sometimes when you die too

tebo8995 days ago

how do you get back to the home screen without reseting tabs

GraysonFields15 days ago


ChrisIbar5 days ago

giants produce massive amounts of blood =)

GraysonFields15 days ago

that is for ester eggs the wall thing its apart of the game


Very nice game! If you're still making edits, there's a glitch which lets a player pass through walls if the lag caused from rendering new mobs gets too high (fun for speedrunning purposes, though).

samdafrog6 days ago

very good game and you did a great jobkeep it up!!! <3

LiamMacHale6 days ago


kevin17896 days ago

good game and really fun

IshshahBrooks6 days ago

It's a good game but why can't I go left?

JunZheng36 days ago

you cant do it

MrMonmer6 days ago


AruAJI1 week ago

Can you make it playable on mobile too?

ColinKirsch1 week ago

needs a shop for power ups are stuff like that. maybe buy new hearts? and more burp, and shields?

ColinKirsch1 week ago

when i have 700 coins but nothing to do with them. a real problem

Summer8811 week ago

Loading is so long

JohnVanags-Rice1 week ago

does this save?

JamalWard1 week ago


ichbindede1 week ago

best game on this replit

PaVang51 week ago

This is so awesome I have absolutely no idea how you did this even if I look at the code but you're great. :)

MushyAvocado1 week ago

This is an amazing game and a great example of what you can do with Kaboom.js. The code is very nicely organized into separate files. One question: what's that giant sprite sheet of a bunch of different enemies? I saw that in the replit asset library. How would you implement that?

Haroonkhan109221 week ago

Best code game ever

peng-bobo1 week ago


ssm0use1 week ago

well done

M-CarmonaCarmon1 week ago


alya1111 week ago

By far one of the best coded games on this site, good job.

PHboss1 week ago

Super fun game but abit laggy...maybe its cos my laptop is bad

zongzheng1 week ago

when the impostor gets a sword

ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

also make something that can be done with the coins when you buy all the guys. seriasly im going to have to avoid geting coins now that ive gotten all the guys.

ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

can you give all the guys 4 hearts? it is annoying that some of them are easier to kill them others

HGHAUS2 weeks ago

This game is so COOLLLL!!

ArnavGandre2 weeks ago

literally takes a lifetime to load

SorenRepl2 weeks ago

Is that supposed to be part of the game (because it's really fun)

SorenRepl2 weeks ago

There is a glitch with the butcher dinosaur in which if you spamclick it willl slowly generate more and more of it's weapons untill im throwing about them of them at a time.

sonicspeed1482 weeks ago

when the imposter is sus

LegendA13142 weeks ago


MacaroniCheese2 weeks ago

Knight sus

Yoplayer1py2 weeks ago

cool but I have a feeling that swordy boi looks more like among us..?

CoderKid1232 weeks ago

Look closely at the knight... AMOGUS

ReplitSoren2 weeks ago

You should make another game like this for Kajam. ;)

MusawirBull02 weeks ago

Why is the game not optimized?

Ishan-K2 weeks ago


AustinDumler2 weeks ago

aMoniker you could seriously make gush a real game and publish it on more than repl, like xbox or steam, I think you really could.

GameRost2 weeks ago

very funny game, but character has a long recharge

MelonBunnu2 weeks ago

You should add a loading animation

DarshMishra12 weeks ago

The games amazing, but just a suggestion @aMoniker , can you make the wizard kind of monster in the butchers guys dungeon shoot a little slower?

thomass3932 weeks ago

didnt load


wtdd2 weeks ago

is glitching through the walls normal?

Awesomemaniac2 weeks ago

so good

AustinDumler2 weeks ago

yeah it could have better quality tho it is kind of laggy

AustinDumler2 weeks ago

Gush is very fun and I am only the knight boy as of right now I am going to switch to a different character though could you make that an in-game thing by the way?

heckerman112 weeks ago

will this ever load?

MelonBunnu2 weeks ago

Me waiting for GUSH to load -_-

ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

ok thanks

ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

the second level is the wardons level or that the third? and anyway when you get to the wardons it freezes and is unreponsive

nabilah982 weeks ago

It's really GOOD

EmmaLurie2 weeks ago

It took a long time to load, but this game is sooooo FUN i love

CutieKolly2 weeks ago


ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

bosses i use mega burps for. very useful

ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

i got to level 2

ColinKirsch2 weeks ago

upvote from me....maybe. the mega burps are funny but what do they do?

FaresAbdelkarim2 weeks ago


ruiwenge22 weeks ago


YLe12 weeks ago

good job, its Really good

mukrizizani082 weeks ago


QWERTY0122 weeks ago

my favorite character is lizzy butch, his big choppers are so satisfying and with his decently high damage I love seeing the blood splatter from my enemies (@aMoniker, it would be cool if you would add a pvp mode against other characters like a gladiator fight)

IsaiProo2 weeks ago


AsherHaarstad3 weeks ago

Used to be fun, now freezes 5 seconds into a level.

BenjaminAgoston3 weeks ago

this game is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GautamSudarshan3 weeks ago

I Glitched into the wall!!!

Si-YoonYoon3 weeks ago

R U using html?

QWERTY0123 weeks ago

is there a way to save your level?

rickysong3 weeks ago

can you add more characters and a ending when you finish all the characters (ik thats a lot, sorry)

BenjaminBrown113 weeks ago

really interesting, would play again!

Nihar12103 weeks ago


DarshMishra13 weeks ago

Simply amazing

PeaceMmadi3 weeks ago

the game glitched

nadaadel13 weeks ago

how to use the shield?