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  • C++ Hyper Password Cracker

    Cover page
    Made with C++

    The original project is credited to Zenogen, credits also go to the co-creator and translator, BeastOracle, of this password cracker.

    This code is a C++ translation of a password cracker program originally written in Python. The program takes user input for a password, as well as options to include numbers, uppercase letters, and special characters in the password generation. The program then iterates through all possible combinations of characters until it finds the correct password that matches the user input. The program also has options to display the working password attempts and the time it takes to find the password. At the end, the program outputs the number of attempts made and the time it took to find the password.

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  • Hyper Password Cracker

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Type your password in this password cracker and you can choose if it will tell you how many attempts it took the program to solve it, the more attempts there are the more secure your password is.

    Hacked easily: 1-500 Bad: 500-2000 Needs improvement: 2000-10000 Decent: 10000-20000 Good: 20000-50000 Incredible: 50000-100000 1/100000000 chance you will get hacked: 100000-1000000000 Impossible to hack!: 1000000000-∞

    This works and has been tested by many people, the longer your password is and the more types of special characters, numbers, uppercase letters, or the program showing its work the longer it will take, do not exit the tab or check the code while it is trying to find your password, if you do all the progress of finding your password will be lost. And also, do not give up on it if it takes to long, you can go to another tab or do something else if it is taking a while and if it takes super long, that means you have a very strong password. 2k runs and the cpu gets upgraded!

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    3 days ago

    Wow! Impressive! It's basically a brute force program.

    I remember making a brute force password program in the past in Python, the problem is that Python is very slow as it is an interpreted, and my "optimizations" only made it 1.2x faster.

    What can you do to make it faster is to optimize it, however that would be in vain, as the aforementioned problem is that Python is so slow! A more practical approach is to switch to a more faster language. You need to aim for a language that is compiled, and more low-level. Languages like Java and C++ is more suitable for this (C++ is faster but more complex).

    I can maybe help with writing/translating your code to another language, but it's up to you. What do you think?

    4 days ago

    I made this after 4+ hours of hard work! It is very slow so if you have any recommendations on how to make it faster, please comment it here.

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