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buff monalisa

  • cartoons battle

    Cover page
    Made with Pygame

    This is a 2 player game where the goal is to attack and defeat the other player's character. There are 36 characters to chose from that each have 2 attacks. Each player has a health of 100, and you should attack the other player to reduce the other person's health and you win of the other player has their character at 0 health.

    Player 1 controls: Use the arrow keys (Up arrow for jumping) and the o and p keys for each of the attacks.

    Player 2 controls: Use WASD (W for jumping) and the z and x keys for each of the attacks.

    Items: In order to use items, you must use one of the attack keys. If you attack a burger, you will get 5 extra health. If you attack a poison mushroom, you will lose 5 health points. If you attack a normal mushroom, you will double in size and power.

    Let me know in the comments if there are any problems and enjoy! There are no shields in this game.

    Credits mainly go to Nintendo, Sega, and the other companies that have characters here.

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