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Snake Game
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For those of you saying this post is botted, it's not. (Don't worry, we checked)

How to paste?
posted to Ask by mkhoi

If you're on a PC or Chromebook hit Ctrl + V, if you're on a Mac hit Cmd + V

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what i do?
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Are you running a web server? That output will only work if you have properly setup a web server.

What happens to my private repos if I cancel my paid subscription?
posted to Ask by TomerBen1

@haroldao This has actually been changed, private repls are not accessible once your hacker account expires so there's no exploit anymore.

How do I 24/7?
posted to Ask by TheSpeakingLava

You can use https://uptimerobot.com/. Just add an http monitor set to the repl url, 5 min interval, and that's it!

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Funnnctions.py by pandadrum
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I moved your post to the Share board as it isn't really a fully-fledged tutorial.

I've also unlisted this for now because there isn't much going on here. If you edit the description to add more info, reply to this comment and I'd be happy to relist it!

How would I go about getting my account unbanned?
posted to Ask by Infiniti20Alt

@Infiniti20Alt Hey, I'd suggest emailing [email protected] for ban appeals and other issues regarding Repl Talk moderation.

How to add new favorite languages
posted to Ask by bensonj20

I don't think you can do it manually. You just have to make projects in your favorite languages and then the tags will slowly update to your current most used languages:

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.env file is viewable by anyone
posted to Ask by PixelNinja

You have to change it from Token.env to just .env. Repl.it only hides the .env file, not files with the extension, .env

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Give me your problems!
posted to Ask by Dart

I swallowed a chunk of ice. Am I gonna die?

What do you call people who use Repl.it?
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Replers (Rep-Lers)

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GET PASS 5 000 000 TO WIN!!!
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This is so low effort that it's disappointing. I've unlisted this post because it's low effort. If you add more code and reply to this comment, I'll be happy to relist it for you

What program should I make?
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Please don't ask for upvotes

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

@Water_Wizard Then that's your loss. They are going to stay with this format whether you like it or not.

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

Nathan is responsible for the weekly newsletters while Amjad, the CEO of Repl.it, is in charge of the feature update emails.

How do I insert a video?
posted to Ask by VincentJames

Under the "share" options of the youtube video, you can select and copy the "embed" option. Then paste the code into your html repl.

Spritzlet Clone
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Ask Me Anything
posted to Ask by amasad

What is your take on decenteralized and distributed systems? Would you or repl.it ever create a feature or product that is either of those? I think there is quite a bit of public interest in going decentralized or distributed, maybe there could be an innovative solution that repl.it comes up with that involves this!

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@R1l3yP Always has been

My thoughts on the community
posted to Ask by ChezCoder

@dominicl645 Yeah, but since everyone is going for cycles, the posts become pretty bad and not really about creating the project. I get that cycles are fun, but it draws away from making a good project to share and more about just getting cycles for something made under a day.

My thoughts on the community
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@elburg psst there is, but it's a secret

Repl Changelog (see the upcoming changes to replit)
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They need this in general

My first site
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@aneeof98 Oh, that was my mistake. What I meant to say was that we've unlisted this post as this is an english only forum.

Configure run button?
posted to Ask by CEO

Your run command should be python main.py

how to i add a solid backround color to my website
posted to Ask by ANGELINASHVAYA

Just add

body {
    background-color: red;

to your CSS to turn the background color red (or change it for other colors).

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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@TheModerator The issue with that is, the spam and "funny" posts fill up the forums pretty quickly, making some of the actual content out of sight. Repl Talk is for sharing projects and asking questions, not for spamming posts for cycles, making memes, or anything else. It seems pretty "toxic" but that's just what it is when there is no moderation.

I know nobody will ever like moderators. They'll be users that like us and users that don't. The only thing that matters is the rules and if people follow them or not.

Export Files
posted to Ask by HarveyH

Replit has "Download as ZIP", if that's what you are talking about.

My first REPL
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@Chizitelum Please don't beg for upvotes