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Using if: elif: else: statements since 2015. Using try: except: statements since 2021. Using classes since 2022.

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    Made with Python

    A text based RPG written in Python. Still in development - don't expect much XD

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    8 months ago

    this is dope bro, Ted Bundy fought lots of ppl

  • eCrew Development Program

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    Made with HTML, CSS, JS (Auto Refresh) - Beta

    After a 10-Year Hunt for this Lost McDonald's DS Game, it's finally brought to you by Nick Robinson.


    I recommend reading the HTML file for instructions on how to play.

    Nick Robinson is a YouTuber who ended up purchasing one of the last copies of the cartridge online, and dumped the ROM for everyone to use. Watch his 49-minute video here:

    This is literally just an embed from You may want to play it directly at their website instead of here.

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    11 months ago

    Before playing this game I highly recommend watching Nick Robinson's video about the game, linked in the description. You won't regret it.

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