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Python Perfectionist \n Leak Society <3
  • Discord Vanity Checker

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    Made with Python

    This Repl was made by Sakuran months ago, I didn’t know the difference between publishing it and keeping it public, still don’t.

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    A short description: “Asks for you to input a number of digits, which would be the number of characters of words that would be scraped from a dictionary, after it would send a request to Discords API, depending on the requests response code, it would determine if the “vanity” is claimed or not.” - Sakuran

    Recent comments (2)
    6 months ago

    I just realized that if everyone uses it from the Repl it'll rate-limit you non-stop since it's sending a request from the same server.

    6 months ago

    Has worked fine for 13 months, haven’t seen anybody else make one so I decided to gatekeep it, but I truly don’t need 20 thousand unclaimed vanities.

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